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Get your message across in the digital age. Our writers get to the heart of the matter - crucial documents are persuasive, copy-writing seductive, with everything neatly tailored to its goals. You want your stuff to get noticed? Check! Achieve its purpose? Check! Enhance your image? Check, check, check!

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It's an art, not just a craft. Capture the full spirit of the text - don't settle for monotone... Aimed squarely at the audience, in current and natural language, your translations will get to the core of any piece of communication.

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Social Media

Take control of your image. Put social media to work, whether it's to promote something, for customer service or as an expression of who you are. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and all the rest can be harnessed to your requirements. And it all need not take up a whole lot of your time, energy or money.

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Secure document handling in the post-Minox era

Security and privacy are buzz words in today’s post-analogue environment, and it’s never been more important to take a few sensible steps to see that company documents don’t fall into the wrong hands. Encryption of communications and secure storage are on every consulting company shopping-list, while the internationalisation of cloud storage and email presents its […]

“Walking the dog” – how one brewing brand’s hubris came back to bite.

When Scottish & Newcastle Breweries (S&N) were granted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status for its flagship product Newcastle Brown Ale in 2000, who could have known that only 7 years later they would be scurrying to have the appellation rescinded? “The promotion of products with specific characteristics, particularly those coming from less-favoured or rural areas” […]

The most beautiful car in the world. Period.

The most beautiful car in the world? Quite probably. Sometimes you come across the kind of beauty that just overwhelms. That’s what happened to me one Tuesday morning in May 1983.That was the day a silver 1976 Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce came into my life. Until that fateful day I’d been driving around in […]

EU4U The Network Awakens

You wait years for someone to come along who can help you battle your way through the Brussels undergrowth, and then, just like London buses, three of them arrive together! To launch 2016, three of the bigger names in European affairs are cementing their already fruitful alliance to create EU4U The Expert Network – a […]