Secure document handling in the post-Minox era

Posted on: 19 June 2017, by :

Security andMinox C, the original SpyCam privacy are buzz words in today’s post-analogue environment, and it’s never been more important to take a few sensible steps to see that company documents don’t fall into the wrong hands. Encryption of communications and secure storage are on every consulting company shopping-list, while the internationalisation of cloud storage and email presents its own problems.

EU4U and take great care with any sensitive documents entrusted to them, making sure to use secure private network storage protected by strong encryption, and providing access only through secure communication. While recent revelations present a worrying picture where governments actively penetrate structures previously thought invulnerable, our practices are designed to be a strong first line of defence against even the most determined corporate snooping.

In the years just before the downfall of the Berlin wall, a certain John A Walker Jr. had a brief moment of notoriety when he was jailed for the rest of his life for selling US Navy secrets to the Soviets. His weapon of choice was the Minox C miniature camera, a device beloved of the spy-thriller authors of the day. Today the tools of the trade are more likely to be the laptops of teenage hackers, ready to turn over troves of docs to anyone who wants them.

In any case EU4U The Expert Network  and are playing their part in diverting their attention to other things.

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